School age

Our elementary school-age program focuses on the child’s development as an explorer, both in school and in the world beyond.


School age

School age

Our elementary school-age program focuses on the child’s development as an explorer, both in school and in the world beyond.

Starting school

The transition from kindergarten to first grade is a big transition for both children and their parents. Learning in first grade builds on what the child has learned in kindergarten and lays the foundation for the child’s future emotional and academic development.

Spark’s Primary Programme

Children from first to fourth grade develop and expand their academic knowledge in Bulgarian language and literature, mathematics, English, science and social studies.

Balanced approach

Academic knowledge and skills are developed in a systematic and sustained way. To these we add many games, sports, science, music and arts, for a complete and balanced personality building.

What do children learn in the primary stage?

The academic part of our program follows the state educational standards of the Ministry of Education, building on them repeatedly through an original research program aimed at building transdisciplinary links for more effective and lasting mastery of the material.

Along with Bulgarian, mathematics, native and social sciences, the main focus of our program is English language learning.

Music, arts and sports also have a special focus. They develop children’s creativity, stimulate concentration and contribute to their overall development.

Supportive environment

In the hands of highly skilled educators, Iskra students know how to take charge of their learning, collaborating with teachers to deepen their knowledge and boost their confidence and self-motivation.

In Iskra children become more responsible, self-reliant and independent.

Experiential learning

At Iskra, we often teach in real-world settings, on the go, through challenging activities, taking the classroom into nature, to the museum, or on the road to new adventures! We believe that knowledge learned through personal experience is much more lasting!

Social and emotional skills

  • We develop our social skills by learning to listen, share and work together as a team.
  • We understand and manage our emotions.
  • We develop a sense of responsibility and respect for others.

English language training

  • 6 academic hours per week, divided into two separate courses:
  • Active Creative with a native speaker – children are fully immersed in the world of language and develop good communication skills, emotional and social competences.
  • Academic English, following the world-renowned Oxford Discover programme, which stimulates children’s natural curiosity and enables them to build knowledge in an engaging way.


  • Through science experiments, we explore basic concepts of the world around us, the earth, and physical science.
  • Developing understanding of the natural world and scientific inquiry.

Man and Society

  • Learning about community and family.
  • We understand the concept of citizenship and community participation.
  • We explore cultural heritage and history.
  • We develop a basic understanding of maps and geography.

Physical education

  • We develop basic motor skills and coordination.
  • We teach about the importance of physical activity and healthy habits.

Music and Arts

  • We create in a variety of creative activities such as painting, ceramics, applied arts.
  • We explore music through singing and learning about basic musical instruments.

Critical thinking and case studies:

  • We encourage curiosity and the ability to ask questions.
  • We solve problems, and learn to make decisions independently and together as a team.

These basic elements of learning serve as a general guideline and individual classes may have specific standards and expectations. Teachers often adapt instruction to meet the diverse needs and abilities of their first grade students, providing individual support and mentoring to each child.



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