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Finding the right preschool program for your child is an extremely important task. What happens in early childhood matters for a lifetime because the foundations are laid for each child’s future sustainable and prosperous development.

Finding the right preschool program

The preparatory group in Iskra provides conditions for the smooth adaptation of 5-6 year old children to school life. In this stage of life, children develop at a fast pace. Fine motor skills develop – drawings become more detailed and colourful, the letters and numbers become more beautiful. Children get to know their feelings and emotions better and how to express and put them into words. Friendships and interactions with others in their environment are becoming an increasingly important element of their lives. At Spark we encourage children in the Prep class to be more independent and take on responsibilities.

Preschool curriculum

Iskra’s curriculum and weekly schedule allow for your child to smoothly achieve school readiness and literacy.

Balanced approach

Academic knowledge and skills are developed in a systematic and sustained way. To these we add many games, sports, science, music and arts, for a complete and balanced personality building.

What do preschoolers learn at Iskra School?

As the name suggests, preschool is a time when students learn important skills before they start elementary school. During this year, children learn to follow the rules and agreements they make themselves, but they also make lots of new friends and explore the learning spaces. The pre-school curriculum usually consists of lots of games, sports, music and arts activities while students learn important skills related to their literacy and reading and writing skills.

These activities focus on promoting social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills in a fun and age-appropriate way.

Here are some of the basics of our preschool education:

Social and emotional development:

  • Development of basic social skills such as sharing, caring for others, and cooperation.
  • Ability to follow class agreements and rules; to express feelings and emotions appropriately.
  • Building self-esteem and self-confidence.

Language and communication:

  • Expand vocabulary and language skills through speaking and storytelling.
  • Development of listening and speaking skills.
  • Recognising and naming familiar objects, colours and shapes.

Learning English:

  • 6 academic hours per week, 3 of which with a Native Speaker
  • Oxford Show and Tell 1 & 2 – (Pre A1 level)
  • A visual and practical way to learn English.
  • Through colourful and interactive games, videos and songs, children practice the new language in a fun and engaging way.

Cognitive skills:

  • Basic mathematical concepts such as counting, sorting and numerical patterns.
  • Encourage interest in books and reading.
  • First steps in understanding causal relationships.

Fine motor skills:

  • Strengthen fine motor skills through drawing, cutting, gluing and more.
  • Develop motor skills through running, jumping, ball games and obstacle courses.

Art and creativity:

  • Creative activities such as painting, arranging and applied arts to encourage self-expression and imagination.

Science Laboratory:

  • We encourage early curiosity about the natural world through simple science experiments and observations.

Music and movement:

  • We explore rhythm and music through singing, dancing and playing basic instruments.

Self-help skills:

  • We develop basic self-care skills such as dressing, using the toilet and washing hands.
  • We develop empathy and mutual respect

Games and social communication

  • We learn through play and discovery.
  • Developing social skills и emotional intelligence.
  • Make lots of new friends and withpart of a close-knit community.

Motor culture

  • We develop basic motor skills and coordination.
  • We teach about the importance of physical activity and healthy habits.



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