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Our mission is to create successful adults

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About us

My Mission is to Empower Your Life

Our mission is to create successful adults

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A brief history of the beginning and development of the school in Plovdiv

Our team

Our team brings together inspiring, enthusiastic and committed people, with a wealth of experience in education and beyond

Vesela Vardarlieva

Primary teacher

He considers teaching as his vocation, an educator with experience and interests in holistic education.

Gergana Vatova

Primary teacher

Long experience as a teacher-educator, part of the team of Progressive School – Plovdiv since its inception, author in the field of positive journalism.

Veselina Urumova

Primary teacher

Many years of experience as a teacher, lecturer in Chinese literature at Plovdiv University, part of the school team since its establishment as a Progessive School – Plovdiv.

Ivelina Georgieva

English teacher

Qualified CELTA English teacher, experienced in teaching children and adults in the UK, fluent at various levels. Advocate of mindful and individual education and training.

Иям Купър Учител по творчески английски език

Iyam Cooper

Creative English teacher

Solid experience as a teacher in various educational settings and schools in Canada, children’s book author, illustrator, musician and actor.

Stelian Levkov

Teacher of scientific practical activities

Founder and lecturer at “Scientific Point”, many years of experience in working with children and part of the team of the Proresive School – Plovdiv from the very beginning.

Alexander Baranov

Music teacher

Acting soloist at the State Opera Plovdiv, he has participated in international tours in many European countries, Russia and the USA. Music educator by training and soul.

Dilyana Georgieva

Applied Arts Teacher

Extensive experience in organising creative activities and lessons for children, including those with special educational needs. With interests and competences in the field of Montessori pedagogy.

Anelia Lorenzo

Sport teacher

Certified martial arts instructor with extensive experience in the USA and in our country, founder of the children’s educational center “House of world arts”

Evelina Kotseva

Methodologist of Academic Disciplines

Part of the founding team of the Bulgarian Progressive Schools and the Foundation for Educational Transformation, chief methodologist of the Jump Math program in Bulgaria, director of the Dimitar Ekimov School of Arts and Crafts